Simplify everything and success will come to you

Aaron Chen
1 min readJan 8, 2021
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Simplicity is the principle that you ought to adopt when it comes to website, software, life, relationship and the list can go on and on.

When things are complex, you get confused, so do other people. And when you are confused, you don’t take action, so do other people.

The only principle for website usability is “Don’t make me think”. A great website simplifies everything to help people find the information they need quickly. They shouldn’t spend any effort on deciding which button to click.

Technology makes people become lazy, but laziness is not always bad.

When things are simple, you feel delight. You don’t over think.

Most of us never focus.

Simplifying our life and then staying focused is the great way to succeed. We are so greedy that we want so many things in life. But we can’t do everything due to limited resource, time and money.

It is like marketing. If you try to market to everybody (eg. cold calling or spamming everyone), you will market to nobody. The reason why you failed in today’s connection economy is that you are NOT providing enough value to a certain group of people.

Simplify everything and then success will come to you.



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