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Aaron Chen
3 min readJan 6, 2021
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Everything starts with your mind. To have a successful life, you have to change your mindset first.

Making change is hard. People always resist change because they fear. Fear can destroy everything and it is the biggest enemy of love.

But change could be beneficial. Change brings fresh ideas to the workplace. Change helps you build new habits, keep you healthy and make you happy. Change makes you open and creative. Change destroys the old and make room for the new.

So how to change your mind?

There are tons of self help books our there. But most of them are not good because they are not practical. Why? Those books are usually written by natural born optimists who have way higher chance of succeeding comparing with pessimistic people. And if you follow their suggestions, you can fall into the trap of survivorship bias.

Great books serve only one purpose: They change your mind and help you take actions.

Listening to good podcasts and watching awesome videos help change your mind.

Quality podcasts and videos make you feel good after you consume them. You have learned something new and beneficial.

For example, an ordinary movie or a boring video game will make you feel terrible after you spend a couple of hours on it.

You feel bad because you have wasted that amount of time in your life.

Feeling is always a good indicator of whether you are doing the right things. Your gut tells you whether or not you are on the right track to success and happiness.

The friends you make influence you and affect your ways of thinking.

Hanging out with positive friends will always lift your motivation up to another level.

Pessimistic friends fear that you will surpass them. They don’t support your goals. They want to hold you back so they feel safe and secured. They are jealous of the progress you have made.

On the other hand, positive friends who are always there to provide value are so happy for you because they can learn something new and valuable from you after you change.

Start writing

After you truly understand the benefit of having a new life, you have finally made the decision to make the leap.

Changing your mindset is the first step. Writing would be the second step.

When you are writing, you are talking to yourself. You record thoughts and then validate your ideas in the writing process.

Oftentimes new ideas pop up. Writing forces you to think clearly and differently. Also, if you blog everyday or every week or even every month, your valuable content will get an chance to be read and even shared. Eventually you can have an impact on other people’s life and business if your content is good.

If you have a large group of audience who are eagerly waiting for your blog posts to show up everyday, without doubt you can make a living out of it.

So start acting daily for success!

Start changing your mind and thinking clearly and differently as well as write things down via blogging if it is what you prefer. In this way, you will not regret 10 years from now, 5 years from now, 1 year from now and 1 month/week from now because you didn’t make the change by leaving the comfort zone to pursue success and happiness.



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